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Where to Find Sources of Extra Income?

There are various ways to find sources of extra income and as we all know that to maintain a certain lifestyle in this era, we cannot depend on a single source of income to rely upon.

The world is advancing in a very fast pace and to keep up with the same, we have to shift gears and encash the various opportunities available outside our purview of day to day job or businesses to increase our income manifold.

The rapid advancement in technology has become a boon in our lives and it serves as an opportunity to generate the extra source of income needed in our lives for different sections of the society.

Like the students who can earn a little extra pocket money or the salaried middle class, who has left his/her passion to engage in a more safe and secure way to earn money. The different ways to make money through technological advancement are not restricted to urban locales but are rapidly expanding in the rural segments as well.

The major sources of earning the extra income are listed down:


The newest and a very innovative source to earn money nowadays is to blog. Blogging is basically writing an article about a specific topic by sharing one’s own views about the same. It involves information sharing about the topic so that people get information regarding the same when they search for it.

Different websites offer money in exchange of writing blogs on their website and you can freelance as well and if your blog is received well and caters to the masses and they find your article interesting as well as informative, you can become a successful blogger in the blogging world and earn good money.

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Providing Online tuitions

The education industry is one of the most thriving industries and a lot of scope in this field has come up in recent years; thanks to the advancement in technology. The culture of private tuition is a socially relevant phenomenon of our society since school days and most of us students are dependent on tuitions.

The online tuition provides the platform for students and as well as professionals to provide online tuitions to students all around the world and thus, you end up earning a handsome amount depending upon the number of hours put in.

The online tuition industry also eradicates the use of space and stringent timings. You can always upload and share videos or notes in the online platform and thus, it provides a convenient medium for students to study.

Car Renting

The availability of a hired cab has almost become a basic need nowadays as the mode of conveyance has always been a matter of concern for us. The cab industry was always a monopolistic industry as compared to others as there were no big players apart from the existing one and thus, in this scenario, the end consumer always had to suffer.

The online car rental service came into existence and boomed immediately as people found it convenient to rent cars sitting in the comfortable arena of their homes.

And also they got to know the price charged and the destination was pre-decided and thus, the scuffle with the driver regarding the drop location was not a matter of concern anymore. You can always give your car on rent to these ‘cabs or car rental’ service providers and you get paid in return.

Website Designing

It is a very interesting medium to earn money online as a lot of freelancers are earning through sheer web designing. Nowadays, we are all aware of the power of the internet and social media as well and thus, cashing on this opportunity are small business traders who choose not to take the traditional path and operate online which has resulted in numerous startup which our generation has seen.

Therefore a website is almost a necessity for big and small traders as well who choose to also take the online path and create a website for their businesses and thus, website designing provides an array of opportunities to excel and it is a very common mode of income among the tech aspirants and as well as professionals.

Filling up Survey Forms

Digital marketing is one of the newest modes of marketing one’s products as everything and everyone is on the internet nowadays. The sales of a product depend a lot on how it is promoted online and also the reviews regarding the product matter a lot as people tend to believe the reviews posted for the product.

Thus, survey forms are usually of great help for gaining knowledge about the reviews about a particular product or place. It is a decent mode of income as you get to share your review about that particular place or product and also get paid in return.


Money is an important aspect of our lives and we all aspire to earn, if not a lot of money but at least a certain amount to maintain a lifestyle we want but that needs a lot of hard work and we all acknowledge that.

There are so many sources to earn money nowadays and that too without taking the conventional path, so let’s take advantage of this technological avalanche which has hit us already and put this to good use and fill our pockets as well.

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