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When Should You Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident?

Attorneys and claims adjusters associated with insurance companies start working on claims immediately after an accident.

Under situations where the liability is of the insured, the company may work towards shifting liability onto the other driver. This is to reduce their own financial exposure as far as possible.

It is crucial to get in touch with a traffic accident attorney right after an accident without delay. This will help you prepare for answers to legal questions asked by insurance representatives. They will also offer guidance in dealing with the insurance representatives.

Hiring an attorney for representing you after an accident is crucial under these situations:

Injuries to You and Damage to Car

You should consider hiring an attorney if you have suffered from injuries and/or significant damage to your vehicle. On the other hand, you don’t need one if were involved in a minor tussle that did not cause serious injuries. However, under all circumstances, it is important to get in touch with an experienced car accident injury attorney. This is important to protect your legal rights. The legal professional will also help you to recover compensation.

Accident Due to Third Party Actions

In many cases, someone else’s actions may have contributed to an accident. You need to get in touch with an attorney about a car accident where the damage or injury has resulted due to the actions of someone else. The report should also been done when more than one vehicle is involved.

Low Ball Settlement

This is a crucial situation. The driver’s insurance carrier might offer you a low-ball settlement. Speaking to an attorney prior to agreeing to a settlement will help you to get the best deal. It is not possible to have a clear idea about costs accident injuries may inflict on your life. An experienced attorney will help you to assess the extent of the damages sustained. Accepting a settlement too low may fail to fully cover the expenses. After accepting a settlement, you may not get a chance to go back and ask for more.

Accident Caused by the negligence of a Governmental Agency

It is not easy to recover compensation from a local or state government entity. After all, the damage has been caused due to the wrongful actions of their own employees. It is wise to call for an experienced attorney who has been handling the cases involving complications of filing lawsuit against a government entity.

Death following Accident

Nothing is more painful than losing a loved one due to an accident caused by negligence of another driver. An attorney will help you to obtain compensation for wrongful death claim.

What a Traffic Accident Attorney can do for you?

Legal Strategy

A professional attorney is expert in planning a legal strategy. It will help you to obtain maximum compensation. Most people may not be aware of the rules and laws that may affect the time, ways, and against whom to take legal action against for damages post a traffic accident.

A common man may not be aware of the amount of money someone should pay. Lawyers are experienced and know various ways and situations to navigate the laws and rules to their client’s advantage.

Identify Parties

It is the duty of an attorney to classify all parties with probable legal liability towards you. They know exactly where to look and what to look for. This increases the chances of money recovery for you.

Claim Value

Attorney will determine the value of your claim. It is a complicated process. Lawyers are experienced in determining accurate value of damages.

Gather Evidence

This is important for you to prove your claim. An experienced attorney knows how to gather diverse pieces of evidence and compile them in a way to prove someone holds a legal liability to you for damages.

Negotiate with Insurance Carriers

Usually, the insurance company for the party with legal liability is responsible for paying money to the injured party to make the injured party give up a legal claim. However, it is not easy to get the largest settlement available. This is possible only under the guidance of a skilled lawyer.

File Lawsuit

Filing a lawsuit for damages owing to a car accident on your own can be a terrible idea. Your legal claim may not be taken seriously. A lawyer will file a lawsuit on your behalf and help you through the end.

Collect Money

The case is not over until the money reaches your bank account. You may not know how to collect an award especially if the party with liability refuses to write a check. Lawyers can do that for you.

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