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The Golden Rules Of Forex Trading For Forex Mentor

The foreign exchange market, also known as the Forex market (Forex), has received wide recognition among traders over the past decade. However, despite its availability, many traders are failing in their desire to get real profit on Forex. There are many reasons for this, but the most common is the inability to streamline its trading decisions into a trading strategy.

When it comes to forex trading or trading in general, discipline is the decisive factor that determines your success. We have prepared a list that includes the basic rules of trading on daily forex signals, which will help you better understand the market and increase your chances of becoming a successful Forex trader. If you want to get Free Trading Signals, then ForexProfiter will help you. Let’s take these five basic rules of online forex trading.

Basic rules for trading on the forex market

Rule Forex №1 – Do not hurry

Most novice traders seek to achieve significant profits from day one, but the problem is that it is this desire that makes traders lose a lot of money – this leads to their dropping out of the game much earlier than they expect.

A common occurrence among traders is to multiply their start-up capital by half during the first week of trading, only to soon lose all this too quickly due to over-confident trading.

Make small deals and slowly increase your capital with profit. There are only a small number of traders who can achieve success at the very beginning of their careers. In other cases, success is a matter of time and patience .

Rule number 2 – Go from practice to real trade

This principle of fx signals live is extremely important for traders. Despite the fact that trading on a demo account is strongly recommended to all novice traders , there is one rule that deserves attention to be the main Forex rule – to gain skills and achieve success, you need to trade on a real account.

Even if you easily manage to trade profitably on a demo account, you can never withdraw money from a virtual account. Trading in a virtual account will benefit you only if you do it right.

First, the value of your demo account when opening should be equal to the size of your potential deposit.

Secondly, you need to set yourself a real goal. It can be anything, but it must be measurable. Once you reach your goal, you should proceed to trading on a real account.

However, do not start trading Forex online if you have not fully mastered the trading platform. It is not necessary to overdraft on a demo account, set a goal for yourself and work on achieving it. Trading on a virtual account is only a step to trading on a real account.

Rule # 3 – Plan Your Forex Trading

This rule applies to any kind of activity – one who has a plan has a much better chance of success, unlike one who does not have it. That is why the presence of a trading plan is one of the golden rules of Forex trading. Your trading strategy should be described, entry and exit points are explained, and Stop Loss and Take Profit levels are set.

Sticking to a plan is the main element of your trading. Of course, the plan may be subject to change, because while improving your strategy you have to change it.

But remember that you can change the plan only if you do not have open positions. Do not modify your plan just to keep a losing position open longer.

Rule number 4 – Do not waste your time

Although Forex trading can be a fun and educational activity, its main function is to generate online profit. Therefore, you should think about this activity only if the time spent on Forex trading is more valuable than the time spent on any other work.

That is why the profit factor is one of the basic rules of forex trading. Without making a profit, you will soon get tired and start making decisions with a higher risk factor to meet your income needs. Forex should be for you one of the activities that bring profit.

For this reason, you must take into account the cost of opportunity costs, or lost opportunities. Anyway, you should not risk more in order to earn more on Forex – you should only increase trading volumes by proportionally increasing your capital.

Rule number 5 – Never stop learning

Before you start real trading, as in any activity, you should learn How to start trading on the Forex market.

Market behavior tends to change. It is for this reason that you should modify your trading strategy and add new elements to it on an ongoing basis.

The scale of the Forex market is huge, and the content of its elements, which you need to study, is also huge. Do not think that if your trading strategy works fine now, it will work for a long time. Successful forex trading requires the correct implementation of specially developed rules of currency trading. This means that your own rules also need to be improved.

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