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Seven Things I Learned From One Year of Blogging

If you are into blogging for some years now, then this post might not interest you that much but if you are looking forward to being a blogger or take up blogging as a “side-kick” anytime soon, then this post might be helpful for you in every possible aspect. Though there is a difference being a full-time blogger and embracing it as a hobby, the ideal strategies and results remain the same for almost all the bloggers in the line.

Therefore, the following experiences are what I gained in the past one year of blogging which I would like to share so as to give you an idea of what are the basic aspects of being a blogger and what issues you can face.

#1. More time consuming than what I thought– it might look like blogging must be an easy task; you just need to write about certain topics that are your forte and publish them on the website. But it is NOT the case! You need to write up properly, put convenient images, publish the post keeping in mind various SEO and WordPress parameters and take care of other such things when maintaining a blog and this can be very time consuming if you are not well accustomed to the procedure.

#2. People don’t understand what I do– at times it becomes difficult to make people understand what actually I do (more to my own family). Though we can make money through blogging it is a long process and while you can bear patience, not all can! So, it becomes agitating at times to deal with people and to make them understand what actually you do!

#3. There is no involvement of only focused dedication, your luck matters– no matter how good a blogger you are or how better topics you choose to write, it is not always received well by the audiences, you need to do certain things and upgrade your blogging levels to stick to the game and attract a handsome web traffic. Being SEO-friendly and reaching out to the audience is considered a good option to do so!

#4. Recurrent thoughts of giving up– how would you feel if you continue giving your best in a company yet your work goes unnoticed for a longer period? It won’t feel good right? Same is the case when you are blogging as well. You tend to give your 100 percent in writing creative pieces of work yet it may take a lot of time to even reach a fewer audience, let alone a mass of them. So the recurring thoughts of giving up gropes you more often.

#5. Being good, holding there consistently matters more than doing some great job sometimes- I have learned that putting up quality content on a regular basis is more important than putting some incredible work at times. People who read your blogs regularly would find it more attracting if it is done regularly rather than reading them sometimes only.

#6. More opportunity to meet new people– when you start blogging, you are also open to guest post services which open door to the opportunities to meet new people almost every day. These blog contributors can be from anywhere around the world and you get to understand each other’s culture and lifestyle more than what you can do in other platforms of communication. It paves way for intelligent mix up of contributors and writers which brings in better opportunities for your bog as well.

#7. To spice up your blog writing, you need to read a lot of stuff– if you want to write well, you must be an avid reader first. No good writer is good enough without his or her knowledge and that knowledge comes from reading posts and stuff about the particular topic of writing which must be done on a regular basis. When you read good things, you can obviously write great!

To conclude

When you step into the world of being a blogger, there are certain responsibilities that you unknowingly take upon your shoulders. Like you need to collect data and information related to the blog topics which are genuine, you must be upfront with the current trends and technologies related to the blog niche you write, you must have enough knowledge of being familiar with the language of the content, you must be well acquainted with the usage of digital means, etc.

Thus, being a blogger might sound easy but it actually takes in a lot of effort on your part to sustain the position. The above-mentioned experiences are purely my own opinion and it may differ from blogger to blogger. But if you are eyeing for starting your own blog then this bunch of experiences can be helpful to you in several aspects.

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