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Saving Is For the Poor, Investing Is For the Rich

It takes lots of time and efforts in the part of every individual to earn money. And when you look forward to massive incomes, you ought to be smart with your investments. Getting a job or stepping into the entrepreneurship zone can help you earn money but it limits your earnings to a certain level.

Excluding your expenses, the amount of money you can save isn’t always impressive, rather people tend to spend more while trying to save. That is why it is recommended that you earn wisely but invest smartly so that the hard-earned money is never forced to be “limited” in terms of your earnings.

The person who acts upon investing his or her finances is actually wiser than those who look forward to saving money. Of course, your savings do matter in hard times but with smart investment plans, you don’t need to worry about those “hard times” at all!

Let us discuss some of these strong investment strategies which can help you plan your finances well, no matter at which “earning state” you are! Read on

Invest in properties

The way our worldly population is increasing, it is not far that people would not face a shortage of lands and properties for their stay. The investments on properties can by no means be a ‘losing’ plan if you do it well.

With time, the value of land and properties only tend to increase and almost never fall down, that is why it is wise to invest your hard earned money on buying such properties which can give you handsome returns years later. The profit that you get through it can be used for so many purposes like your children’s education, marriages, your retirements plan, etc.

Invest on shares

Well, it might be a riskier one, but with well-strategized planning, it can prove to be very beneficial investment idea that one can make. Share markets are known to fluctuate every now and then and when you invest on the right shares, it is more likely to grow with times rather than falling down.

Pick up such company shares which have strong presence in the industry and are there to stay for long, that way, the chances of the company being bankrupt will be lesser and you can always expect the share stakes to be high which in turn can help you gain enough profits out of your ‘saved’ finances.’

Invest in insurances

Normally people save money so that they don’t face any difficulty in the future to tackle any financial crisis and this is where they make mistakes. Rather than saving money for the crisis why not invest in insurances so that you get all the covers when needed?

Be it health insurance, car insurance, life insurance, property insurance or any type of insurance for that matter which can help you with more money in times of need than what you could possibly save within that period!

Invest in mutual funds

It can also be considered a safe and convenient way of keeping your money saved for a certain period along with getting commendable returns through it.

Those who take bank interests might not always be happy with the rates but some mutual finds company do offer handsome interest rates on your funds so that you get to receive profitable amounts after the maturity period of the mutual fund that you invest your money on!

The bottom line

“Saving is for poor and investing is for rich”; to justify this quote, people need to understand the basic difference between the two. A normal saving of your money means you earn it and you keep that amount on your bank for any such ‘future’ requirements.

It can be any need in the future like having medical emergencies, accidents, and business plans execution, children’s education, etc. When you plan to save money for such long term requirements, you would only be able to save the amount you have differentiated from your income for the purpose.

But a wise person would always tend to expand the ‘saved’ amount of money by every means possible. And to help them do that, the above-mentioned tips can be very helpful.

Though it cannot be always assured that you will only see profits when you invest, but why not take healthy risks rather than limiting your resources to a stipulated amount? Therefore, plan your investments today to gain fruitful returns in the long term!

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