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Make money without selling anything on eBay or Amazon

Many all over the world are selling products on eBay or Amazon and earning huge tons of money. There are also very popular affiliate programs that enable you to make money by selling other’s products just by sharing their product links. But here in this article, I am going to discuss how to earn without selling anything on these websites. So below are the 3 ways that can make you money without selling anything online:

Work as a delivery fulfillment warehouse associate:

If you have a keen interest in a fulfilling job that doesn’t require a liberal arts degree, then the answer is yes. As a delivery driver for Amazon and eBay, you can start your working career in a big way, with a start at the bottom as a ‘packer’ in their fulfillment center in Seattle.

Here you will act as the first line of deference between the customer and the logistics firm, carrying out the task of physically packing and moving the customer’s goods from point A to point B. Once you have been hired by an online shopping site as a fulfillment associate, you can keep on moving up the ladder, taking on more responsibilities as you move up the ladder, earning bigger paychecks.

Fulfillment by mail:

As a member of a large online job portal, like Amazon, it won’t be long before you are receiving packages full of orders for fulfillment by clients. If you’re already in one of these sites as a fulfillment associate, then you must have noticed the steadily increasing number of shipments coming in by mail every day.

Fulfillment by mail is a very popular job due to the sheer convenience of it, and the ease at which the jobs can be completed. The companies providing the services do not even have to meet you in person, so there’s no chance of you getting frustrated or frazzled over long distance calls.

Warehouse Associate:

Work as a warehouse associate for eBay or Amazon is a great way of earning extra income from home, which will help to support your lifestyle. However, as with any occupation, you need to put in some hard work, and you need to be dedicated and diligent, especially in the beginning. As a delivery driver for Amazon or eBay, you have to be prepared to go to any door and to deal with just about anyone who comes through the door.

Your delivery driver will receive phone calls at all hours of the day and night, and you will be expected to respond to each one. You may have to take messages on your cell phone if they request them. These are all challenges that you will have to overcome, but if you show the companies that you are completely capable of meeting their deadlines, then they won’t hesitate to give you a job.

Delivery firm:

If you are serious about making money from home, you should consider starting a delivery company. This is another job that can provide the income that you need. You can offer your services to both local and international clients, and work from the comfort of your own home. The internet makes it easy to set up a business, and you can be up and running within a few weeks.

Delivery driver:

If you’re planning on working as a delivery driver, you should keep in mind that the companies will expect a certain amount of time off. Most of these companies will require that you work a minimum number of hours each week. It doesn’t matter how long you work each day, just that you do. The more hours that you work, the more money that you will make. This is a good job for anyone who is self-motivated because you will always be earning money.

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is currently being tested in the United Kingdom and Australia. As with any new service or program, there are pros and cons associated with the service. Amazon Flex acts similar to DoorDash or Postmates in which you are essentially making deliveries, but instead of delivering food, you’re delivering packages from their on-demand fulfillment centers.

There are drawbacks to using an on-demand fulfillment network such as Amazon Flex, including a lack of customer support and order processing. In this article, we’ll provide you the basic information you’ll need to decide if using Amazon Flex is for you, and whether or not you should sign up.


Amazon Flex provides two main services: delivery services and drivers. With delivery services, Amazon Flex users can hire drivers, assign them to certain packages, create and update addresses, and track shipments. Amazon provides a safety net by requiring that drivers have a valid license and a background check. This is designed to protect both you and the driver you hire. However, in some regions, laws are less stringent and may require an additional background check as proof.

Driver scheduling:

It is another aspect of Amazon Flex, similar to DoorDash and Postmates in that you can hire drivers for certain periods of time, called “shifts,” and pay per shift (which is essentially the price of the fuel-driven per hour). You cannot, however, hire drivers for overnight shifts, and you incur expenses for all drivers during the period the driver is available.

The cost per shift can be more than DoorDash and Postmates, but with the additional expense of overnight shifts, it may be worth it. Once the driver is hired, you have the power to instantly add them to your Amazon Flex roster and make them available at any time you wish. Using an auto-dispatcher service makes this process especially convenient.

Delivery apps

It makes using Amazon Flex even easier because many delivery apps offer subscriptions that automatically charge your credit card. Because all of the work is handled by the Amazon Flex team, there is no need to remember special hours or pickup times. Rather than worry about remembering to charge cards on the day of a pickup, the Flex app will remember and charge the card when it is time to pick up the item and complete the pickup. That keeps the costs down and ensures that everyone doesn’t miss out on the Amazon Flex program.

Virtual Customer Service

Do you want to work from home for Amazon? Many people are considering making this a reality and making money with Amazon as a virtual customer service team. It is very easy for you to do and you will not need any upfront investment. All you have to do is sign up for their training course and follow all of the steps that they layout for you.

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