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How to Make Money as a Student in the UK?

College students often want to become independent, and it requires making money for different expenditures such as rent, tuition fees, food, etc. Fortunately, there are many opportunities available online and offline.

Some of the most popular modes of earning money include selling products, pictures, designs, and logos, transcription, market research studies, etc. Similarly, a few promising offline modes of earning money include tour guide, brand ambassador, modelling, waiter/bartender, tutor, retail assistant, etc.

A few students might even want extra cash to build sustainable future savings, buy a home, marriage, higher studies, etc. The excess finance also comes with employment and a good credit score during the career growth years.

5 Effective Ways to Make Money as a Student in the UK

●       Tour Guide

Universities, museums, and travel agencies often require tour guides for informing the importance of the landmark or object to the listeners. A local student with adequate knowledge of the city or the workplace can provide a relevant tour to the public and make extra cash.

According to a source, the average hourly earnings of a tour guide in the UK are £10 to £15. These also come with additional tips from satisfied customers. The recruiter would expect leadership quality and subject knowledge from the tour guide.

Besides this, recruiters would also measure the communication and crowd management skills of the tour guide. Besides providing hourly cash for serving different student lifestyle purposes, the job is very flexible, improves behavioural skills, and increases subject knowledge.

●       Tutoring

Students that have an excellent grasp of different subjects can provide online and offline tuitions. The best sources for finding such a job are classifieds, agencies, universities, and advertisements on both sources.

Moreover, the hourly tutoring fee can range between £15 and £20. The payment would vary upon factors like experience level, academic qualifications, age, etc. Students that start giving tutoring classes while still in school require filling a basic DBS form that costs £23.

The significant benefit of tutoring is that the schedule depends on the hands of the teacher. Besides this, the trainer can even add communication and adaptability skills to the resume or the CV.

●       Brand Ambassador

A casual job for students that also involves socializing during work hours is a brand ambassador. Colleges, universities, and businesses often require a fresh face for promoting the product through advertisements.

According to a source, the hourly pay of a brand ambassador in the UK varies between £8.5 and £10. However, the employer decides the working hours of the job and might include night shifts.

Therefore, the student often fails to attend classes due to the job.

However, the business or brand might even provide higher payment as experience increases, and the requirement is also temporary. Moreover, the job responsibilities might include sharing content on social media, increasing engagement, and distributing merchandise.

●       Retail Assistant

Retail shops often require staff on a permanent or temporary basis. Students often notice the advertisements on campus boards, online job websites, and through flyers. Both forms of employment at a retail store might come with fixed or flexible timings depending on the manager.

However, if an employee decides to take leave, the student might have to cover the shift. Besides this, weekends become chaotic for retail stores and require staff for at least six to eight hours.

Working at a retail store enhances customer engagement, commercial awareness, and public speaking skills that would reflect a CV. Such jobs also provide an opportunity to avail of unsecured personal loans for bad credit with no guarantor, and other options to recover from debt.

●       Delivery Rider or Driver

Another job that provides sustainable monthly income to college students is delivery rider or driver. The job may require two compromises, namely working in different weather conditions and night shifts.

As per a source, the average hourly earnings of a delivery rider or driver in the UK are between £8.5 and £12. However, the employee also receives additional tips from customers and discounts on buying from the workplace.

Moreover, such a job is almost readily available at most restaurants or food joints. Therefore, students can walk in with the resume to directly apply with their favourite brand and receive the employment letter on the same day.

●       Other Cash Earning Options for Students

Besides the options mentioned above, students can earn by providing pet care and walk services, babysitting, and modelling. Additionally, there are many career-based jobs available with the student union.

Colleges and universities also offer student experiments and studies. The short surveys might offer £5 to £10. On the other hand, in-depth studies may offer £20 to £50. Besides this, students with excellent skills or mastery can find jobs related to life skills.

For example, a campus with a swimming pool often has a job opening for a lifeguard. Similarly, dancers can teach classes at the college and receive tuition fee in exchange. Universities also provide career services to students that find difficulty in receiving employment.

College is also a great time to explore earning capacities through online hobbies such a transcription, resume writing, selling voice-overs, etc. A few other trending methods include selling ebooks, affiliate marketing, ethical hacking, advertising, graphic designing, video editing, etc.

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