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Hit and Run Accident | How are they different from Road Accidents?

Hit and run accidents are somehow different from other road accident. A road accident in which the driver who is responsible for the accident left the accident area without providing the insurance and contact details is known as a Hit and run accident. This is a criminal act in the UK.

These accidents are more severe and traumatic when you compare them with other accidents. If you are the unlucky person who is injured in a car accident and after that, the culprit left your right on the accident scene, you may claim compensation. The claim investigation will be different from a road accident claim. It doesn’t matter who was at fault for the accident; you will be given favor here.

Common Hit and run accidents in the UK

Hit and run accidents are quiet commons in the UK. However, some common accidents involve:

  • Pedestrian
  • Passenger
  • Bicycle
  • Motorcycle
  • Drivers

What to do after the accident?

You need to be calm; this isn’t over here. As you know, there are various ways to find and caught the culprit who left you on the road. You can seek the help of the eyewitness. Ask people if they notice the registration number of the vehicle.

In the UK, there is millions of CCTV installed. The authorities can check the CCTV footage of the accident to capture the hit and run case. It is your legal right to claim a CCTV footage copy to show in solicitor court. You also need to capture the photographs of the accident place and your injuries. If you were driving a vehicle, you could also take the photographs of the vehicle where they show clear damage.

In any accident spot, you need first to call the police and medical staff for first aid. As you know, a delay in the treatment can put your life in danger. Report of the accident is also necessary, so you call the police to register the accident legally.

Can you claim on behalf of close one?

This is a very common question among the victim party that can claim compensation on behalf of their relative. The answer is yes! The guardian of a child (who is under 18) can claim compensation on behalf of the child. We can claim compensation from the Motor insurance bureau or MIB where the negligence party doesn’t have insurance of the vehicle.

You can also claim accident compensation on behalf of your close one. If he is dead due to hit and run case, you can report the compensation claim. In this, the government will also take some percent of the expenses in the form of hospital expenditure and funeral expenses.

Can cyclist claim compensation?

Yes, biker or cyclist can claim compensation for any injury he faces due to the hit and run case. As you know, in this case, it doesn’t matter whose negligence caused the accident. The culprit who left the injured person on the road is criminal according to the law in the UK.

When can you claim?

When a person is involved in an accident, the chances are high that he will get compensation according to the damage. The best thing is to file the compensation as soon as possible. According to the law in the UK, there is a time limit to file the claim. The time limit is approx — three years after the accident. Within the meantime, you have to claim the compensation. If you don’t, you may ruin your compensation. However, in some exceptional cases, the time limit can be changed.

According to legal experts, it is right to file the claim as soon as possible. To make contact with eyewitness is easy enough if the accident isn’t old. You can also gather the evidence easily if the accident is fresh.

What can you claim for?

You can claim compensation for every damage you suffer due to hit and run accident. You can also count:

General damage

General damage is all about the physical and psychological injuries you face after the accident. Your medical reports will describe how much severe your injuries are? According to the severity of the injuries, you will get compensation.

Special damage

Special damage, as shown by name, is something different than general damage. In this, you can count any other damage you face due to the hit and run accident. As you know, an accident not only damages the body of the victim. It also causes damage to his social and economic life. Some damages include:

  • Prescriptions
  • Medical care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Loss of earning
  • Travel expenses
  • Hospital expenses

Seek the help of the solicitor

To calculate the above costs and damages, you can seek the help of a personal injury solicitor bury. Always consult with a professional and expert personal injury solicitor. You can also look for a legal expert who claims no win no fee. Personal injury solicitor can also collect evidence from the accident area. After that, he can send the legal notice to the liable party through solicitor court.

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