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Corporate Tax: It’s Working and Advantages

Numerous countries impose corporate taxes which are also termed as corporation taxes or can also be defined as company taxes. It is based on the income along with the capital of some major legal entities. A similar tax might be imposed at the state or lower levels. These taxes are also reserved as income tax or capital tax. There are numerous tax advantages available to the corporations and in getting the maximum out of these advantages it is being advised by individuals working as accounting and Tax services in Calgary in availing the services of an attorney or a professional tax expert having the tenacity in setting the structuralism that allows the business to work smoothly.

With a corporation it is to be noted that only the salaries are subjected to self employment or similar taxes. This can save you more than thousands of dollars per year if the salaries and profits are structured in a proper and oriented manner.

The various advantages of corporate taxes are as follows

Corporate tax and small business

Numerous small businesses take all profit out as salaries in order to avoid the double taxation and state corporate income tax. However, there are rules that are being required relating to salaries be at a reasonable rate. If a stockholders salary is being deemed too highly relative relating to his or job, the salary might be considered to be partially dividend and subjected to double taxation.

A source of revenue

A tax is something which is to be collected in order to generate revenue for the government. During the recession in the year of 2009 an estimated figure of 30.4 billion imposed on corporation tax of 10 corporations alone. This shows that by targeting those making large profits, a government can make maximum gains when the particular company does. It increases the revenues of the particular government which might be used towards national debt of public services as being said by individuals providing accounting and Tax services in Calgary.

A greater good

Another point is that the benefits seem to outweigh the negative aspects. The tax is effective in that as it takes from large companies and distributes to everybody. The taxes might take some money away from business in order to function and grow and overly inhibit organizations ability in making profit.


This tax is equitable in that everybody pays taxes. The corporation should not be an exception. Since a corporation exists in the country, they do benefit from the country’s policies and services. If the corporations were not taxed they would be getting a free ride on service. As part of the society, it is quite equitable for corporations in paying the taxes.

Leasing assets to your corporation

Leasing the assets you own to the corporation is one of the tools that numerous individuals use in reducing the overall tax liability. Doing this it allows you as the leaser in deducting certain costs which includes the rank of maintenance and repair.

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