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Amazing features of freight broker software

When choosing a freight broker software, there are many features that you should look for. The software must allow you to keep track of loads, manage their drop dates and times, and handle all of the necessary accounting work. It should also allow you to sort loads by the customer, reference number, and carrier.

Have you ever heard about the new wave of software specifically designed for freight brokers? With the help of freight broker software, brokers can make their business more profitable and efficient. In fact, freight broker software will allow you to operate your business in a more efficient way than you never thought possible. Let me explain how this new wave of software that can help you in your freight brokering business.

Features of freight broker software

Making decisions:

With a simple click, the software will give you important information that will allow you to make crucial decisions. For example, the software will give you information on the average load factors for every shipment you make.

This information will help you make better routing decisions which will result in more profitable loads. What if you get loads that travel long distances but get a smaller load? With this software, you will be able to route these shipments into smaller loads so you can maximize your profits.

Tracking inventory:

Another piece of software designed especially for freight brokers is the Quick Books Pro software. This software comes with over 300 new functions that will help you keep track of your inventory. QuickBooks Pro helps you manage your inventory in a more organized manner. This software also comes with a complete set of QuickBooks training videos to teach you how to use the new features effectively.

Quick access:

The best part about this new software is that it allows you to import your customer list from Quickbooks. As a freight agent, you need to know whom you are shipping to and why. This software will help you make that information available in real-time. This will enable you to provide better service to your customers because you will have faster access to their information.

If you are a freight agent with a traditional brokerage company, you need to make sure that you always have current copies of your books. However, with this software, you can easily import your client’s information to make them current at all times. You can also monitor them and make necessary changes in case there is a need to do so. This software is also compatible with QuickBooks Online and allows you to transfer your clients manually or automatically.

Bill generator:

The software also comes with a freight bill generator that will allow you to generate invoices whenever you need them. It has a calendar and worksheet template, which you can customize according to your requirements. This feature is very useful if you want to customize the look of your bills. This software also has a bank tab that you can use to keep track of your clients’ payments.

With the help of QuickBooks Pro, you will be able to import invoices from QuickBooks, Microsoft Money, and other third-party financial applications. This software also contains a lot of sample data so that you can see how your invoicing will look like in the new format.

You can experiment with different invoice types using the software, depending on your preferences. If you are interested in creating invoices from another program, such as QuickBooks Mobile, you can also import that data into the program.

Additional features:

Aside from its basic functions, this software also comes with additional features. There are many customer portal options available. This software also provides an online lender review, which helps you determine the risks associated with a particular lender. Other features include customizable reports and detailed export and import settings. You can use QuickBooks Mobile to conduct transactions for your clients through the Internet, thus making your business more efficient.

Manage Accounts:

This software helps you manage your cash flow and accounts receivable accounts. Accounts payable displays details of your merchant account payments. When you set up merchant accounts, QuickBooks also helps you set up your invoices for those accounts.

The software helps you maintain an effective inventory control, so you won’t have to create separate lists for items shipped to your customers and items received. With the help of QuickBooks Mobile, you can enter product prices for invoices and then print invoices. Invoices can be printed using color schemes that your company uses.

Monitors broker:

The software allows you to monitor your brokers’ duties and transactions easily and effectively. It also provides reports for each month, quarterly and yearly so you will know your sales, expenses, and net income accurately. You can monitor the performance of your entire business and make necessary changes to improve your business’s profitability.

The freight broker software is easy to use, so you won’t have to take extra time to learn how to use it. Your bookkeeping can be completed in a matter of minutes using the software. Most importantly, the software helps your business save money, so you can use the money that would have been spent on hiring additional employees or purchasing additional office equipment. Some of the in-demand software are as follows:


If you need to manage your company’s overseas cargo transportation or if you need to find the best freight broker software system, then look no further. AscendTMS freight broker software is the solution you have been looking for. It has all the features and capabilities you will ever need to easily carry out effective business operations.

With a load of companies outsourcing to India for their freight forwarding needs, you are increasingly likely to face situations where you might not have enough information regarding the shipment of a particular consignment. When you are using a computer network to manage your company’s inventory, you need to be able to quickly access all the relevant information – and that’s where this software comes in.


AXON freight broker software is the solution to many trucking needs for companies around the world. Whether you are a small company or a large international corporation, the benefits of this program will be felt by your clients and drivers alike.

You can receive up to date quotes, find out more about the trucks you are using, and even receive quotes on trucks that aren’t currently in your fleet. Using this type of software is much more efficient and cost-effective than what your company currently offers and the savings will be felt almost immediately. Your clients and drivers will thank you for investing in software such as this one!


A Tailwind freight broker is an internet-based freight brokerage software that delivers a complete freight brokerage system at a low cost. Its user-friendly design makes it easy for any person, new or experienced, to use. The system utilizes real-time transport information from shippers to carriers to make finding the best deals and lowest prices quick and simple. After setting up the system, brokers are able to immediately start searching the market for the best deals.

They can also instantly display all current offers from shippers and compare similar items or services from other carriers to find the best overall price. This software also allows you to view the current market situation, making it easy to determine what to do next.

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