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5 Most Effective Real Estate Investment Strategies in 2020

Real estate investment which is also known as property investment is one of the most profitable businesses throughout the world. It will help you to reach the highest potential income, together with the cheapest investment. As a beginner, you are probably thinking about the timing, marketplace and adopting different strategies that will be profitable, and it is general. So here in this informative article, mentioned 6 real estate investment strategies that always work, almost in every time and in every place.

1. Residencial real estate investment

Residential structures possess the houses, buildings and apartments, where the individuals pay you for the property. But this approach does need significant capital for maintenance cost. As a landlord, you need to pay for all real estate taxes and deal with all the problems.

2. Buy and hold strategy

This is the ultimate beginner strategy in real estate where You have to purchase a property and maintain it for the long term. Still, you need to ensure that you are investing in the right property and the value again, you have to ensure the positive cash flow in the property since you can lose your money. These are the two and most significant challenges within this particular strategy of real estate investment.

3. REITs

Investing in REITs have become the most passive type of property investing. This is only one of the best property investment plans, and individuals are profiting from it. This is quite similar to investing money into the stock market. You need to select the top REITs and offer them the perfect time to make a profit. There’s a possibility of high yielding, and it is the potential to generate income both in the long and the short term.

There are mainly 5 types of RITs investment strategy

·         Retail REITs

·         Mortgage REITs

·         Health care REITs

·         Residencial RITs

·         Office REITs

REITs have a tendency to concentrate on a particular business. For example, Health care, resorts and hotels, retail or shopping, hospital and health care.

4. Commercial investment

Joining commercial property investing may generate high profits for you. The business varies from tiny small shops to shopping malls. In contrast, there is a chance to get considerable cash flow.

The only and one disadvantage of wholesaling property is that you have to work within a tight deadline and under lots of pressure. But you may make a significant profit within only a few weeks without having to spend some of your cases, for a successful wholesaler.

5. Real Estate Wholesaling

If you’re not certain you wish to take part in property investments in the very long term; You can try this strategy of Real estate investment. Another advantage of this approach is that you require only minimal capital as you aren’t purchasing a home. All you need to do is to find a home available under contract by the vendor, sell the house to prospective buyers, and assign the agreement to an individual purchaser.

The most critical disadvantage of wholesaling property is you have to work within tight deadlines and under a lot of pressure. But you may produce a substantial profit within only a few weeks without having to spend your cash.


For an adequate customer base, and to succeed with real estate investment, you need to construct a community base and make contacts with the real estate buyers and sellers, property investors, and other specialists to get a record of possible buyers and sellers.

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